Want to talk about communications.

November 7, 2011


If you are looking to get insight into the public relations industry Eoin Kennedys blog is worth a read.


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November 3, 2011


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The XFactor is coming to town

November 1, 2011


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HTC Desire HD Test Campaign

November 1, 2011


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Sceal moves homes

April 17, 2008


After a torturous process of setting up a hosted blog on my own domain name I will not be updating this blog anymore.  For my meagre thoughts please go to www.eoinkennedy.ie/blog

Blog Awards Attracts the Grey

March 5, 2008

Blog Awards from back of the roomBlog Awards from back of the roomBlog Awards from back of the room

Congrats to Damien for organising a great night at the Blog Awards.  Nice spread of individuals and interest areas.  Judging from the entries and demographics there will probably be even more grey surfers present at next years awards.  The web savy but time poor Digital Natives may have a battle on their hands for the glass gong with the new Digital Immigrants who have plenty of time and disposable cash!

Different to other awards and seemed to contain a lot of people who did not know each other but had one thing in common. 

This is the view from the back of the hall and Adams head.

PR Ex Pat Organises Korean St Pats Day

March 1, 2008

Congratulations to Keith Morrison who works for Edelman . He left Slattery Communications about a year and half ago to pursue a career in Korea. Last year he organised a St Patricks festival in Seoul. This year he has secured passage down the famous promenade in downtown Seoul and funding to organise a much bigger affair. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Experiences with Bebo

February 27, 2008

Repak Recycling 

We have been running pr and media relations programmes for Repak for a number of years now.  Every year it extends a bit further and we include something new.  This year we wanted to start engaging a younger audience having previously run the ‘Cash for Cans’ programme and other initiatives from education packs for school to targeting special supplements.


During Repak Recycling Week we built a Bebo Site for them with white board drawing competitions, polls, quizzes, advice section, photos, videos and a blog.  To keep it fresh we updated it daily with information on a different material to be recycled and invested a good bit of energy in building the friends network. 

Offline we had also engaged a school to customise or Bling some BringBanks for us that were placed around the city as street art.  One of the BringBanks was given a treatment of Tetris and a frame by frame video was made of the process (the background tune still sticks in my mind as it mimics the game) which we also posted on YouTube.  We had also developed a separate Repak Blog which was much more corporate in language but using similar content.  Some of the results surprised us:

          Site  exceeded 11,000 visitors after 3 weeks.

          41 Entries to the online drawing competition.

          Over 760 Bebo Friends registered.


          307 Quizzes taken

          Over 500 polls taken

          International hits from USA, UK, Germany and France.

          Over 100 Views of You Tube video

          Irish Independent and Silicon Republic Coverage of the site

We also got some nice external eendorsement of site on other peoples blogs.   What particularly interested us what the level of engagement/interaction and the amount of time that people spend on the site.   We keep it up to date with follow on campaigns such as Repak Green Christmas and the launch of the Carbon Calculator.  Once the content is tweaked for the audience it gives it a better afterlife than sitting on a file server or wrapping fish and chips. 

Finally the biggest spike in traffic was when we changed the sponsored link from the logo to a photo of models we used at the launch.  

Why are PR people sitting on the fence with Web 2.0?

February 24, 2008

I will be presenting at the Search Marketing World conference in Dublin in April on the experiences of integrating “traditional” campaigns into the online world. One of the areas I have been pondering has been the reluctance of PR companies to full engage in the great opportunities that exist with online opportunities such as facebook, bebo and areas like social bookmarking and SEO of press releases. Many companies risk missing the boat as advertising agencies suck up the budget.

Online PR, PR 2.0, Digital PR, EPR or whatever term people use has a lot of agencies scratching their heads and paying lip service. On one side PR companies are perfectly positioned. They generate large amounts of interesting content from photography, press releases, articles, presentations, speeches etc. Unfortunately much of this content lies dormant on a company’s servers once its been printed through traditional media. So why are they so slow? Here are some possible reasons:

1. Fear of technology.
Many PR people never really get beyond using word processors. Using audio and photo editing software needs new IT literacy skills and many do no invest. Although most software has become increasingly intuitive it still takes time to master rapidly evolving tools like blogs. Add the almost daily new applications that appear on facebook and you have a very different learning curve.

2. Exposure.
PR people are very comfortable with suppling content to journalists and even happier when the journalist uses their bi-line on the article. Not all are so happy when their names appear in print. Similarly we are happy to prep and push out spokespeople but less happy being on the front lines ourselves.

3. Feedback.
People rarely feedback on articles they read in the traditional media world. By the time they have found pen and paper, envelope, bought a stamp, the enthusiasm to reply has worn off. In addition written letters rarely get printed. Not so the blogging and social networking world. Instant and perhaps less thought out feedback is common. Many companies and PR people feel very uneasy about this.

4. Time.
Researching, monitoring and implementing online campaigns sinks a lot of hours. Few executives in PR companies sit idly at their desk and with pressure to record billable hours means that the value of online campaigns can be over looked and seen as unproductive use of time.

5. Age profile.
Most senior management in PR can be defined as digital emigrants at best. The emerging new class of younger PR excutives who have grown up in an exclusive online environment have very different skills and agility. Senior managers can feel very exposed and are sometimes negative about online PR as a result.

6. Networking.
Evening events and social events have always been the feeding ground for PR executives to hand out business cards and flaunt their expertise. Building online networks from Facebook to LinkedIn means spending equal amount of hours on a PC to ensure that you are connected to the new online influentials.

7. Information Overload.
I see on a daily basis busy PR executives struggling to even read the daily selection of newspapers. Add the countless blogs, twitter entries and flow of online news feeds and people stuggle to manage the information. Combine this with the huge number of user names and passwords and many just give up. Tools like FeedDemon help but are still underutilised.

8. Fear and Ignorance.
One of the most negative barriers to PR companies is the lack of understanding of the power of good online campaigns. Fear can be a double edge sword – for some it causes them to dismiss the opportunities but now that critical mass has been reached in terms of numbers online and the reliance on the search engines for finding information on companies, the fear is starting to drive action. With over 1 million registered Irish users of bebo and over 127,000 new Irish users on facebook in a 9 month period last year there is a growing feeling of an emerging tsumani of online users who will want their content presented in a different way than articles in the Irish Times.

9. Definitinon.
Traditional PR services differ hugely amongst communications companies. What one considers PR, others consider as promotion, hence the confusion in defining the job role of a public relations consultant. This gets even more confusing in the online world where the options are vast. In addition the parameters are being roughly draw up and are still vague at best. For example at a recent Ketchum Leadership conference I attended in London, one of the affiliates spoke about running campaigns on Facebook and the clear line between providing engaging content and infiltrating the community. Hiring online influentials to spread the word was seen as beyond acceptable behaviour.

The list of reasons for not fully engaging goes on but what is clear is that if PR companies do not invest in their capabilities that someone else will appear and eat their lunch. The traditional media has constricted and those who do not change will find themselves in a skrinking and competitive market.

Time will tell!!

Sceal hits the shelves

August 17, 2007

Hi all,

After about three or four different blogs which were normally short lived and developed for specific purposes (my wedding for example) I have finally settled on a name and rationale for blogging.

Sceal is the Irish for story and so this blog is just some of the stories that I stumble on in daily life in public relations.